Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We began our day nice and early at Sommer’s Beach. We quickly motored over to Brewer’s Bay where we completed a training dive for our search and recovery specialty. For this dive, we descended in groups of four and were directed to find an object within our designated search area. Every group came up successful which was fantastic. After our first dive of the day, we studied for our EFR (Emergency First Responder) test later this afternoon. We took a break from our studying to eat Oscar’s famous quesadillas, which were delicious. After lunch, we geared up for our second dive of the day. For this dive, we moved to the outside of Brewer’s Bay to Shark Point. Because we worked so hard early in the trip, we now have lots of time for fun dives like this one. Many dive pairs saw nurse sharks, smooth trunkfish, and lots of unique coral formations. After we all got back to the boat (without getting lost), we broke down our gear. Some lucky shipmates were able to wakeboard and get joy rides in Big Blue (the biggest dinghy in the fleet). After all the fun we had, we took our EFR test which everyone passed! Then we motored over to Cane Garden Bay to refill our water tanks and anchor for the night. After getting settled and eating dinner, we have our oxygen provider practical with Amelia where we will learn to set up oxygen. We are all growing into a family, and I am sad that the end is coming up so quickly. Today added multiple great memories to hold onto forever.