Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was fun as always yet packed with work! We woke up on the water in Muskmelon Bay. From there we sailed to Sommer’s Beach. We set up our dive gear and got briefed for a navigation dive. The plan for the dive was to use our compasses to find torpedoes with another heading on it. The torpedoes led us back to the anchor where we ascended. It took precise navigating but was a great time! Now on to the work part of the day. As a boat, we went to the bow with Oscar and Alisa and practiced CPR, log roll, and recovery position. Since we are so professional, it didn’t take us very long… After the EFR practice, we had some nice hot soup! Since the grind never stops, we then practiced pulling an unconscious diver out of the water independently and with multiple people. Some exciting news is that scenarios have now begun. This means whenever someone in the water yells “lettuce” (with staff permission), they are now an unresponsive diver, and we have to help this diver as a boat. I can’t wait to see how this goes! The day was very chill from then on, and now we are about to go to the BBQ.