Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today started as a simple sort of day. We took off this morning heading for Peter Island. I’ll be learning how to work the sails for the first time. I, as the acting skipper of the day, even got to steer us out! Once we arrived at Peter Island; however calamities began with a few dive gear problems. Luckily our awesome staff got it all sorted out and send us out to see the great sights of sand and grass and participate in various forms of scuba review, one, in particular, leaving our eyes rather salty. But it was wonderful to be diving again. Afterward,¬†we all got to take our first saltwater showers, leaving us slightly sticky and all smelling much better. Then came sloppy joes for dinner which became all the more entertaining with Chris’s food jokes. But I mean who doesn’t love a good bowl of sloppy joes, rolls and ranch dressing? The rest of the conversation was littered with much hate for the pointless flying cats (otherwise known as seagulls). Tonight we’re all trying sleep on the net under the stars. I hope it doesn’t rain!