Location: West End, Tortola

The wake-up process was a bit delayed this morning as certain shipmates had been locked into their cabins during the night. Once everyone had extricated themselves, we enjoyed deliciously smoky pancakes courtesy of Madison, and then it was time for our Skippers’ Meeting. Race day dawned with somewhat shifty winds, and so two courses were laid out as possibilities; we ended up racing Course A, which ran from the Bight to Road Town to GHB. After a spectacular start, we held an excellent position throughout and finished magnificently; in other words, it was Zourite. Our first place finish meant that we could get an early start on the boat cleanup hurray. A few hours, and several bottles of bleach, later, we returned to Tortola and docked in the same harbor in which we spent our first night aboard. There was a bit of free time, and then all of the shipmates from every program gathered for a farewell barbecue. Mike gave one last dock talk, and now it’s lights out in half an hour to prepare for a four a.m. wake up tomorrow. Everyone is a bit melancholy, and I’m signing off now to spend some last, precious time with our shipmates and staff. Goodbye!