Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a great day! We started off by riding into The Baths. The Baths had a very rocky landscape. One big rock was a great spot for a cliff jump. Ben got in a very impressive 1 1/2 backflip and Ginger got to connect with old friends from past ActionQuest. After we were done adventuring in The Baths we headed back to Salsa. We then motored over to Spanishtown. We all got our phones to connect with friends and family. We ate lunch and explored the town. Max got a chance to buy some nice looking shoes, and Mia and Kaylee had some really amazing ice cream. We also got the chance to take down a fence that was ruined by Hurricane Irma. Dylan dug up ten fence posts and got extremely dirty, McKenna and I were in charge of keeping the fence rolled up, which was hard work. When we finished our service project we came back to the boat to sail to Mountain Point. Emma and Ginger did an awesome job sweating the main halyard. I also got the chance to be back on the helm and steer the boat. When we anchored Jessie made us amazing chili, that she had never had before. Mike, the main Director, came for dinner and he had us play a game where we had to share traits about ourselves. Some people got emotional but overall I think we are better friends. Now we are just preparing for our day tomorrow.