Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning we woke up to music again, like every morning. The difference was we were in Marina Cay. Once we finally got out of our hammocks and bunks, we began to formulate a breakfast of pancakes and Nutella. The best part: we got to take full responsibility and have breakfast without staff on the boat. We listened to music, talked deeply and listened to Samara’s stories. When the staff returned from the meeting, we picked up anchor. We motored through a canal and passed Guana Island and Pull-up-and-be-damned Point. Then we raised our mainsail, completed our sailing circle and ate a lunch of quesadillas. We began our MOB (Man overboard Drills), which are always fun. We dropped a fender with a bucket attached and completed the figure 8 procedure for rescuing a MOB under sail. We later anchored in Muskmelon Bay and took videos of the best dives ever completed. After showers and drying off, we had chili and rice for dinner, which is always a favorite. We are looking forward to evening program tonight, and cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store!!