Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today has been eventful, exciting, and certainly memorable. We had an early wakeup of 5:50 and were quick to eat a healthy and energizing breakfast. After cleanup, we headed to the dock at Cane Garden Bay. Mike gave us a few helpful directions, and the entire fleet proceeded up Mount Sage; the highest point in the BVIs. It was tough. At points, the trail was steep enough that it felt like gravity would take over and roll us down to the beach! However, we all managed to make it up AND down safe and sound. By 1:45, we were all back on the boat and headed over to Sandy Cay. Once we arrived, we went straight to the beach, and we began building our sand castle for the competition. We built two kissing fish with heart-shaped bubbles (it was everyone’s favorite!). Once we were all sand-satisfied, we headed back to the boat. We sailed to Sydney’s Peace and Love on Jost Van Dyke. Now all the boys have suited up, all the girls have thrown on some fabulous dresses, and we are preparing to head over for a fleet-wide BBQ! Beforehand though, of course, we’ve given the boat a thorough cleaning, and the cabins look hotel worthy! Today has been eventful and rather tiring, but it’s still not over, and we’re about to have even more fun! It has been the longest day yet, but also one of the best!