Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

After a much-needed rest, the shipmates of Love of my Life found themselves having breakfast under dark grey clouds. Although the clouds cooled down the temperature in the cockpit, it was clear that we were going to get poured on. The storm finally hit us when we were sailing from Sommer’s beach to Cane Garden Bay when we were going to refuel the boat. This has probably been the most memorable sail I have ever had. The rain made the sail something spectacular. Sam, the skipper, decided that the best way to sail through the storm was by doing a wing on wing. After we sailed right through the storm, we refueled and headed to Brewer’s Bay for our navigation dive. We were divided into four groups trying to find items that were hidden. Later that day, we were finally able to have a recreational dive at the Pinnacles. We saw very large tarpon and several amazing coral formations. This long and eventful day was ended by a delicious dinner of Thai peanut chicken prepared by the chefs of the day.