Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up to the start of a jam-packed day. Bright and early we woke, ate breakfast and went snorkeling/scuba diving. The snorkeling was breathtaking, seeing many fish, such as over 10 barracudas. Scuba divers dove around cannon indents while seeing many fish. After some exciting dives, Bella Vita went to sail Pico boats. With just 2 people per boat, everyone paired up and had quite an adventure. Many capsized. Later, everyone was hungry and ready for lunch. After a quick bite, it was time to sail on the Rhodes. Two hours of exciting sailing later, we all prepared for the short but sweet sail ahead. Once arriving on shore we refilled the water and had 45 minutes to call home and run to the grocery store. We then hopped back on the boat and had a fantastic sail to Mountain Point. Dancing, sailing and laughing pretty much sums up our ride. We had a little trouble anchoring, but we were able to watch the beautiful sunset. After 4 unsuccessful attempts, we finally got anchored. The long awaited Mexican dinner was beyond tasty, finishing nearly all of it. Finished off the day with a scuba chat
and a great night of sleep.