Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up to some new music today. We had breakfast burritos and then it started to rain. When the rain cleared there was a double rainbow. We cleared up and went for a dive. We had to identify fish, coral and plants. For lunch, we had Tuscan white bean soup. Then two hours of intense knot tying and the bowlines were hard to get for me. After that, we took a twenty-minute break to swim. We all dove right off the boat. Then we had a sails chat about docking and spring lines. It was actually really fun for something including learning. We figured out how to duck a boat with the wind coming from the dock. Next, we had dinghy training. We practiced getting someone who went overboard and tying the dinghy to the boat. When we did the first man overboard, I went to grab the fender and fell in. We came back and played a little cards, ate pop tarts, and sunbathed on the bow. I went for a little swim off the stern, and then we had dinner. Today it was chicken Caesar salad. Later we all will go on our first night dive. I am super excited!!