Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s gorgeous here. We haven’t moved very far today- probably only a few hundred yards, but I don’t think anyone minds considering the sunset we just saw. Today was a rotation day, which means nonstop work for the divemasters. We woke up at six something, made scrambled eggs for 14 in 15 minutes, cleaned up in less than 10, and then had open water divers on our boat all day. Between tank runs, helping people set up their gear, and going underwater as divemasters, no one had very much time to read the 100 pages today. So yeah, our day was really busy, but that’s fairly normal at this point. What made the day unique for me was the stress test- the concept is that you and your buddy swap all of your gear while buddy breathing. It was the most fun I’ve had scuba diving in a very very long time. Anyway, we just had dinner (chicken Caesar salad with tomato risotto and corn) and the sun just set (best one yet). It’s gorgeous here.