Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up to the great sounds of Carlos Santana. We started our day by leaving Vixen Point and then making our way towards the Chimneys at the Dog Islands. We had just enough time to squeeze breakfast in between the voyage. It was a rocky meal because we were already underway, but nothing that we couldn’t manage. After mooring the crew prepared for an exciting second dive filled with adventure. During the dive some of us discovered the itchiness that is fire coral. Despite this we managed to complete the skills that were required of us. We saw many fish, including a stingray. Lunch was just around the bend, including ramen noodles and other things to eat. After lunch we set sail for Marina Cay. We stocked up on water and snacks for ourselves while we waited for the boat. We had enough time to make some phone calls home as some of my readers already know. Then it was time for dinner, teriyaki noodles with chicken and vegetables- yummmm! Our chefs Maddy and Sam did a great job. Today was just another awesome day with AQ.