Location: Marina Cay

This morning we woke up and set sail, or rather motor, for the Dogs. Our breakfast was scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. The muffins were along the lines of brownies or a cake because they were cooked in a pan because we do not have a muffin mold. Because we were moving when we ate all the dishes were left until later. When we got to the Dogs eight of us dove and did our emergency skills in open water, two of us snorkeled, an the last of us dove doing other things because he has dove more. It was after we were done diving we cleaned the dishes and moved to another one of the Dogs so that another boat could go diving. Lunch came at that point, it was grilled cheese. Once we were done cleaning up we truly set sail and went to Marina Cay. I skippered the boat and we did lots of jibes and tacks. When we got here we showered and then went to port. While at port we called our families and got various things in the shop that was there, and got the boat’s water tanks full. Our dinner was teriyaki noodles, chicken, and salad. We rushed the cleaning because we had to get to a Lifeworks meeting. During the meeting we listened to a tape. I cannot explain the tape, but Mike said that we could email him if we wanted a copy. When we got back we made brownies. Cate and Cleo did most of the cooking, so hats off to them. I must thank my shipmates for spell checking my entry.