Location: Everywhere

Today started with a warm breakfast before the cool ascent into the Andes mountains. We bundled up and took an hour ride by truck to our first destination, Quilotoa crater. The view from the top of the volcanic crater warmed our hearts which helped because the whole group was freezing in the high altitude. We continued to hike around the crater before descending the mountain. There were two options of how to get into the valley, either walking or sliding down on your butt. The temperature increased as we proceeded and layers were shed as we enjoyed the several breathtaking views from our high location. We had lunch in a small village and proceeded to descend. Once we reached the valley, we had a long trek up the mountain back to our lodgings at the black sheep inn. A group of us took a truck back but a few kept hiking up the mountain. The long walk was worth the sense of accomplishment once we reached the top. From there we proceeded to take advantage of the black sheep’s sauna and hot tub. A brave few decided to use the water slide into the freezing lake before running uphill to the warmth of the hot tub. After dinner, a small dance party was had to celebrate our closeness after the three weeks we’ve been together. The days are winding down fast, and the group continues to bond closer than ever.