Location: Black Sheep Inn

Today was a very eventful day!! We woke up at eight and had a special pancake breakfast with this delicious syrup! Yummy! After breakfast, we met at the end of the lodge’s driveway at 8:45 where we got our horses for the horseback ride! The horses were adorable! There was one pregnant horse named Maria who Carly had who wasn’t that nice. It’s okay though because she’s pregnant. A few other horses including Pinto, Bala, Trotsky, and Trojan were a little moody also! Pinto (Roman’s horse) was biting the other horses, kicking them, and pushing them out of the road! Oh no! And Bala (Meredith’s horse) was the smallest, yet the most aggressive and bit Trotsky in the hair! Ouch! Trotsky (Kelly’s horse) was mean, and a bully! Everyone did well riding their horses, except Anabelle and Rolando who unfortunately fell off at one point! Woopsy! (They are ok though! they both walked away from the incident and continued riding). Our first stop was the cheese factory. Here, we got to see how certain cheeses were made, and we got to try some samples of the final product. We tried some eight-month-old Emmental cheese which was very tasty, and some mozzarella. After our short stop at the factory, we galloped to the cloud forest! Once we got there, we all ate our packed lunches and enjoyed the view of the valley with our meal. They were delicious! (except for Roman’s meal, which was consumed by his bag. It was smooshed to bits during the trotting). Soon after, we started our hike in the cloud forest. We saw tons of beautiful orchids, walked under the canopies of some very tall trees, and crossed small creeks with waterfalls. After a long scenic hike, we took our horses back to the Black Sheep Inn. Everyone’s eyes were full of dust, our knees were sore, and our butts were numbed after the horse ride, but it was so worth it! We spent the rest of the day relaxing with warm tea and coffee and donned our alpaca sweaters. Some of us went down around 4:30 to the yoga studio, where we watched some local girls performing a typical Andean dance. We all ended up dancing within the end. The girls taught us well, and we had a great time! Today was a soups awesome!