Location: Pirates Bight, Norman Island

Today I awoke to loud yelling in a foreign language. Either Spanish or French, I’m not sure. After falling back to sleep for half an hour, I climbed out of my hammock that I had hung below the boom the previous night. The cereal served for breakfast by the chefs for the day Ethan and Alex was delicious. After breakfast, we went to the camp-wide meeting with Mike, the camp director. Next we cast our lines off (after applying sunscreen of course, you’re welcome Mom) and left port to sail to the Bight on Norman Island. Sailing over was fun as everyone was enthusiastic and I loved being back on the water. After arriving at Norman Island, we hiked to the top of Spyglass. The islands we saw had waves crashing against the rocky beaches. From that height, we could see the water change between shades of blue, and a couple of turtles. The view was stunning. After then making the treacherous descent back down, we took the Action Quest swim test. Everyone passed. Dinner, Sloppy Joe’s, is currently being made by Ethan and Alex. Mike is coming over to our boat, Sambamba, for dinner and a lifeworks forum with cards. Both the instructors on Minerva, Kris and Ruth, are awesome. I can’t wait for the fun stuff we are going to do!