Location: West End, Tortola

Today, our final day, began with an early start and a quick bite to eat as we prepared for our biggest and final race from The Indians to Peter Island. Everyone put on their blue team gear while the skipper headed to her 7:30 am race meeting. We drew the starting position of fifth and that’s the same position in which we crossed the finish line. The race was quite exciting and swift as we topped our top speed at 9.3 knots. Kaleigh and Bobo executed the risky move of transporting the scuba tanks to the high side on our final tack, it helped a lot. When the race came to an end we set sail towards West End to close up the trip. On our way, and for the remainder of the day, we began our deep boat clean. This involved tearing the boat apart and building it back up again as clean as new. During our return to the dock, we revealed our prank of the trip which was to steal every boat of the fleet’s hot sauce. We beautifully took credit for this by hanging a strand of all seventeen hot sauce bottles from the bimini. After cleaning everyone will join for a final BBQ and chill time for the night: goodbye will be very hard. Tropical closes this trip with all certifications successfully completed! Overall an amazing time and so many new friends and memories. Over and out, Tropical Oasis S2 2018.