Location: Antigua to St. Barth's

My day started at 1 am for the 1 to 4 watch. During the watch, Kaleigh dropped a few skittles on deck sparking a debate between Hannah and Jay on whether or not they would cause someone to slip and fall. Jay claimed that the skittles were easily crushed and therefore could not cause a fall. So easy to crush in fact that he claimed he could do it between his pinkies. He won the argument during breakfast when he successfully crushed a skittle between his pinkies. The watch ended around 5 am when we finished anchoring in St. Barths. After demolishing Bella Vita’s head start in the overnight passage, we slept in most of the morning. Hannah, one of our amazing staff members, helped us make a boom swing. She tried teaching us hot to backflip, but most of us couldn’t get it. Then we ate chicken salad wraps for lunch, found a flying fish on deck and then sailed onto the dock. We then had some shore time on St. Barths. We visited several high-end stores such as Louis Vuitton and Prada. To beat the heat, we got ice cream at this place that had radical chairs. We headed back to the boat to prepare a peanut chicken dinner; Later, we had a movie night to finish off the day, while the advanced sailors had a sail chat.