Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today we sailed all around GHP (Great Harbor Peter). Neptune started off with a deep dive. They dove a wreck at a depth of 80 feet. The group saw eels, arrow crabs, and a huge puffer fish. It was a very neat dive and everyone really enjoyed it. The Dolphins had a lecture on underwater photography with the dolphins from the other sailboats. After an amazing grilled cheese lunch, the Neptunes went on a second wreck dive while the Dolphins were given special underwater cameras to take pictures of the extravagant reef. We saw an octopus and many yellowtail fish. The Neptunes had a wonderful dive because they saw lobsters, crabs, and many fish. For fun the shipmates sun-tanned all day on the trampoline. After all of the dives the toilet got clogged and Kris and a staff from another boat spent the afternoon trying to unclog it. The day overall was one of the best as the whole group bonded.