Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning everyone was up bright and early to devour the chocolate chip pancakes made for us by Hanna, Israel, and Will. They were amazing! After breakfast and cleanup, we had the choice to dive the Fearless wreck with Meghann or go extreme kneeboarding with Kris. Everyone wanted to dive except for me, Oly, and Shane. We all did some incredibly extreme kneeboarding, waterskiing, and wakeboarding, and my failed attempts to wakeskate on a kneeboard. We did 360’s and 720’s inside and outside of the wake, did a few jumps, and took some awesome and painful wipeouts. It was the most extreme kneeboarding session of the entire summer. As soon as we got back to Odyssea, it was time to set sail and head to Road Town, the capital of the BVI.

We sailed the entire way and anchored without turning on the engines. Before going on shore, we spent some time cleaning the boat. We got two hours of shore time which we spent getting lunch, shopping, eating ice cream, hanging out with friends on other boats, and calling home to check in. After leaving Road Town, we attempted to sail for the last time this summer, causing our last sail to be pretty boring. Rachael and I bought a weave at the department store at Road Town. While Meghann and Kris were at a staff meeting, we put it in their medicine cabinet in their head. When they got back, Kris went to get his razor, found the weave, and freaked out. It was hysterical. Now everyone has settled down and we’re getting ready to write all of our cards to each other. Everyone’s so sad and none of us are ready to leave, this has been an amazing trip.