Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today my fellow crewmates and I had an early wake up at 6:30 and pulled up the anchor by 6:31 due to the expert and speedy work of Captain Kris and Skipper Sky! We ate oatmeal on the go. Our first stop was at the Baths; it was breathtaking. It was a collection of volcanic rocks that had been so eroded they looked very smooth and placed almost for a movie set. We did dives and flips off these formations into the ocean and even went into the underwater caves! Shortly after we made our first stop at the port in Spanish Town, I fell at least 36 times trying to get my land legs again. Most of the crew ate at the Bath and Turtle where I had a scrumptious Grouper Burger. Since it was Sunday most of the stores were closed, I couldn’t even find a speedo. We did buy a pirate flag we raised and water guns for an attack on another boat, Grand Cru because they ate our chips! And we finally got to use our phones. I called my mom and my friends.

After 2hours at the port, we pulled out and went to Mountain Point to snorkel and see our surroundings for the night dive! Then we ate dinner, we had veggie burgers. During dinner a goat sang to us offshore, we named him Billy. (Later that night). The night dive was wild! Its like being on another planet, as soon as we went down we saw a nice size tarpon then we saw a sick squid and a majestic eel. We also got swarmed by little bioluminescent things and the school of fish eating them. Great day! Ps. I drove the boat today, no crashes!