Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up today to the boy’s favorite song, then we had cereal then went off to begin our day. We motored over to the Rhone wreck at Salt Island, then took our sailing exam. Shortly after we found out that we all passed, we were now official sailors. Next, we went to Lascaris and dove at the Rhone wreck. This was so cool because my dive group saw a shark and a barracuda! After this, we ate my favorite lunch which was ramen. We finished it so fast there was nothing left. After lunch, we went on a small hike on Salt Island. Although it was short it was really pretty. Next, we sailed back to where we were in the morning and did a boom swing. It was really funny to watch people try to flip and belly flop, then watching George flip on it. Then we ended the day with breakfast for dinner, this was overall a really fun day.