Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had our first sail race. We started off the day with breakfast, then George and I went to a skipper’s meeting. A few other skippers and I went over our first course for the sailing race. We picked our starting numbers and headed back to our boat to begin the race. We raised the mainsail, then an announcer started the countdown. 5,4,3,2,1… go! We unfurled the jib and headed to West End. The first race was difficult for our boat and we came in 7th. After the race, we docked in the town we started this whole trip in. We got lunch at the local restaurant Pusser’s for lunch. Then we got smoothies on our way back to the boat. As soon as we got back to the boat we got ready for the 2nd race of the day. We were really confident about this race because it was all about strategy. This race was a lot less intense for me because I wasn’t the skipper. Throughout this long sail we managed to stay in first the whole time!