Location: Porto Venere, Italy

Last night we sailed through the night, switching watches until we arrived at our destination, Porto Fino. We dropped anchor at 3:30 and then took a snooze until breakfast. The morning started slow and groggy with a quick, easy cereal breakfast. After sleepily moving about we prepared to enter Porto Fino we raised anchor and motored in. We entered by dingy and were given an hour and a half to explore the town and shops. After Porto Fino, we raised all our sails and took off for the thirty mile trip to Porto Venere as rain, and little wind followed us, we moved at a leisurely pace of 2 knots, cutting across a calm sea. We had pork stew for lunch and then moved into alternating two-hour watches. As we realized that wind was not on our side, we dropped a single sail, the flying jib, and motored on. The coast on our port and open sea surrounded us, as the sun slowly drifted to night we enjoyed a hamburger dinner for us carnivores while the “veggie burgers” were for our vegetarians. After arriving in Porto Venere we were given time for showers and swimming, we are gearing up for a big hike tomorrow to the Cinque Terre.