Location: Porto Venere

The crew of Argo got an early start this morning as we woke up at 5:30 to a beautiful sunrise and many cranky shipmates. After a quick cereal breakfast and packing of sandwiches for lunch, we all put on our hiking shoes and prepared to catch the 6:45 bus to the train which would deliver us at the beautiful, mountainous area called Cinque Terra. The Morning was breezy, and the air was chilly but the day quickly heated up throughout the first leg of the hike, which consisted of many steep stairwells but beautiful views that made it all worth it. The first town of Monterrosso was quaint and very pretty with its harbor dotted with small boats and shops. The next leg of the hike was a breeze compared to the first, as it was longer, but immensely flatter and more enjoyable. The next town of Vernazzo was just like the first, beautiful and small, the perfect place to grab a refreshing Gelato and some much needed cold water. Unfortunately, the next leg of our journey was closed off, so we hopped on a train to Marmarola where we had a few minutes to peek around the shops before getting back on the trails. We walked through the tunnel of love on the way to the next town and finished our last leg of the long but amazing hike. We were then given the option to look around in the town of Riomaggiore, or go jumping off of rock formations into the warm, and inviting waters of the Mediterranean. Some people, including myself, chose the swimming as it was a hot and sweaty day but some people also including myself, forgot bathing suits, so we dove in fully clothed. Then optional shore time was offered until 7:30 when everyone came together for dinner and squeeze. Tomorrow is another early wake-up day for watch team one who will get us started for our all day sail to Elba.