Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

After moving back to Muskmelon Bay this morning, our day kicked into full gear. We set up the boat for the final certifying dives of the Vega program. The DMs then jumped in to do our Discover Scuba Diving exams, with Andy and Charlotte as our “students.” It was lots of fun, especially when we were able to act as DSD students for our friends. I got to rip my mask off, inflate my BCD, and put my reg in upside down. The Vegas on Tropical waterskiied and wakeboarded while we were under. After that, we all had lunch together and sailed downwind to Cane Garden Bay, where we finally filled up on water. Freshwater showers were wicked nice, and everyone feels so clean. Everyone is prepping for the hike; stretching, eating, and strategizing. I love everyone on this boat so much, and I’m so so excited for the next couple days with them. Tropical Oasis over and out.