Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was so much fun! The first thing we did was eat breakfast, which was oatmeal. Then we got ready for our first scuba dive of this trip, which was my first time. We took the tiny boat to the beach of Virgin Gorda. When we got there they suited us for our gear, then we got off into the water. A few moments later, I my first breath underwater, which was so amazing. We were in the water for about a little over and hour practicing skills we would need for other dives. We learned how to blow water out of our masks, equalize our ears, and so much more. After we came in from the water, we ate lunch, which were sandwiches. Later, we went back to the beach to windsurf. The wind was good, but it was really hard. Soon after, we went knee boarding, wake boarding and waterskiing. I did knee boarding, which was really fun, and I stayed up for a long time. Within went back to the beach and stayed there for a while. We saw a tiny navy blue shark in the water, which was scary and cool at the same time. Later, we went back to the sailboat to eat dinner, which was beef stroganoff. The last thing we did was Lifeworks Forum, which is where we learn life skills. I am so excited for the days ahead of us and I can’t wait to try new things!