Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a great 1st day of the trip! It started with an info meeting by director Mike, followed by the majority of the AQ shipmates grabbing snacks at the local store. After that, we set sail for Norman Island. It was a super chill sail with beautiful weather. Lunch consisted of making your sandwiches so you could choose anything from turkey to PB & J. It was a really fun lunch with lots of excitement about the swim test and snorkeling to follow. When the sail ended, swim tests began with us swimming laps around the boat followed by 10 minutes of treading water. Everyone passed, and we waited to snorkel by having cannonball competitions and trying to see the stingray that was near the boat. After that, we hopped on dinghies to head over to snorkeling. We got to snorkel the caves where Blackbeard used to hide treasure that some people still find today! We saw tons of multi-colored fish and urchins. As soon as snorkeling ended, we got back to the boat for showers and a sloppy joes dinner. Currently, we are about to get out first dive chat and excitement is high! Everyone is getting along, and it’s been a great start of the trip! Looking forward to tomorrow!