Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at 7 to a breakfast of milk and cereal. We briefly relaxed and got ready for our first rotation day at AQ. We were first to windsurf, then wakeboard (or waterski or kneeboard, depending on your taste), then eat, and finish off the day of activities with our first scuba lesson. While preparing ourselves for a day of experiences, we plugged in a fellow shipmate’s iPod- we got ready while jamming out to some beats. Soon after a dinghy came to bring us to shore for our first activity of the day, windsurfing. Although for most of the crew it was difficult at first, we mostly got the hang of it by the time we had fallen down a couple of times. After learning how to glide with the wind, a dinghy promptly came to transport us to a fellow AQ boat, the Knot Guilty. It was then time for waterskiing. Two dinghies took three people each for a ride across the crystal clear water. It was as clear as an azure sky on the deepest of summer days. Though some of the crew hadn’t participated in such activities before, in the end, it was everyone who enjoyed it. After waterskiing, we ate a light lunch of tuna sandwiches or PB+J, depending on preference. It was then time for our first AQ scuba lesson. We went to shore, and several of our instructors helped us as needed. Once all subjects had been verbally covered, it was time to turn words into action. We learned a few essential commands, as well as techniques, and at the end got to lay in the water and chat amongst each other. We loaded all of our gear up into the dinghies, and a final one brought us to the Prosecutor. We then came back to take showers in our heads. We ate a delightful dinner of rice and chili. Overall, it was a wonderful day, with blue skies and clear waters.