Location: West End, Tortola

Today was the first flight to Tortola, and it all went very well. I boarded a plane from Florida to San Juan at 8 in the morning and arrived there at 11:30. I left there to Tortola at 12 something and still arrived at Tortola at 1. There I met Tor (I met Roxy at San Juan), and we waited there for an hour for another flight to come in. Once they got to Tortola, we all took this crazy taxi ride through the island until we got to the ActionQuest boats. There we met the AQ staff, and they separated us into our boats. I was the second person on our boat, but as the day passed on, more people arrived. We took our swim tests and filled out all our paperwork. Then we were allowed to walk around the shore and restaurants until bedtime where we had a peaceful night in the stars.