Location: Nevis

Today was our first day on Nevis. We had breakfast, eggs and muffins. We made sandwiches during breakfast for lunch on shore. This was the beginning of the interesting day. We did our usual cleanup in dishes and made our way to shore. The crew had the opportunity to choose between sea kayaking, horseback riding, and bike riding. I chose bike riding and this led me to bike around the whole island of Nevis. It was a good 15 mile bike ride with many tiring hills. We got to eat on the top of a massive hill with locals talking to us. Afterwards it was all downhill. We passed through town and were able to see the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. Other shipmates went kayaking and swimming in the ocean, while the horse riders galloped on the beach and small trails. When we all met up we swam and played around in the water. Tonight we are having a barbecue on shore and enjoying dinner with the other boat. Nevis is definitely my favorite island so far because of the cool small towns. This has definitely been an enjoyable trip with new islands that I wouldn’t be able to see if I hadn’t done Minerva.