Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

After the massive wake-up, music played and we woke up and brushed our teeth, everybody was still half asleep and forgot to have breakfast, but it was cool as we all had apples and pears andÂ… BANANAS! I do love bananas. For our third rescue dive we practiced how to help panicked and overexerted divers underwater. Then we managed to preform a missing diver (a missing scuba tank) search which was very successful. We managed to recover the tank in 10 minutes! We all set of to Leverick Bay to replenish ourselves and our boats. I’m in a gorgeous resort in Leverick Bay we all ate some delicious burgers and grilled mahi sandwiches and stocked up in snacks and water bottles. Two hours later we sailed off to Vixen Point, where a CPR and first aid course was arranged. It was an interesting lesson in which we learned how to raise the likeliness of the survival rate of a person who has endured an emergency situation by cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other methods. To end the day we are going to eat burgers and hot dogs and dance at our beach party in Vixen Point.