Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

We started the day after a decidedly good night’s sleep, it didn’t rain all night allowing a few of us to sleep on deck! We had french toast made brilliantly by Isreal. Sweet syrup and sliced bananas, ah Heaven. Soon after the Dolphins amongst us did a great photography dive whilst the Neptunes had a boat dive and saw eels. Their excited chatter tells me their dive was equally special. Straight from there we sailed to Leverick Bay and lunch. Hanna tells me her mahi salad was to die for, my pizza was utterly delicious I must say. Filled to the brim with great food we waddled into the nearby shops to buy our costumes for tonight’s beach party. Our special theme chosen by Kris was “Bros” which everyone greeted with laughter and enthusiasm. Right now we’re all dressed up in our hilarious terrible clothing and about to get to the party. So excited! Love from all the shipmates, ciao!