Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we dove the highly anticipated Rhone wreck. The day started with a quick breakfast of oatmeal, and then we went right into the IYT tests for sailing. After we were shuttled by dinghy to the century-old sail/steamboat, the Rhone. The Bella crew explored the stern section of the ship, which was blown up because it was deemed a safety hazard before it became a National Park. The propeller was still intact, and we dove under it and through a passage underwater, which led to the rest of the wreck. The boat was still beautiful, even though it was in ruins. Incredible fish swam around us as we explored the coral covered vessel. After the wreck, we took a flip flop hike on Salt Island, where the difference of the windward and leeward sides of the island were so eye-opening, gasps were heard from everyone on the boat. We got back to the boat sweaty and sticky, so Smudge set up a rope swing by attaching the halyard to the out-haul and raising the boom, then swinging it out over the side of the boat and tying a rope to the end of the boom. We then sailed back to Great Harbor on Peter Island, where dinner was served. The squeeze question makes people relive some of the funniest moments aboard Bella. The adventure aboard La Bella Vita is starting to wind down as day 19 approaches, but we are still having fun and are all looking back at what we have done with fondness.