Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an action-packed day, race day. Although it wasn’t the big race that we are still preparing for on day 20, it was just a competitive. It started off with a quick breakfast of cereal, followed by cleanup, in which Smudge and I missed our first skipper’s meeting of the day. The meeting consisted of forming a game plan with the other boats as to how we were going to start the race and where we were traveling to. We got the lucky draw, picking number one for our spot in the starting line up, giving us the advantage beginning on the windward side. We soon began the race, starting between Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit. We made our way back to West End, where we began this three-week journey. Unfortunately, we came in fifth place out of seven, but we were cheered up by a trip to port and a chance to talk to our families. After spending some time in port, everyone went back to the beautiful Bella Vita. Smudge and I met with the other skipper’s meeting. We organized our next race and picked the second spot in the lineup. We went back to Bella to inform the other shipmates of the plan. We then set sail for Great Harbor on Peter Island. We tacked throughout the Sir Francis Drake Channel, competing against Rossi for fifth place, but unfortunately, one bad tack threw us off course, once again leaving us in sixth. We anchored in Great Harbor, showered, and prepared for a delicious Mexican night.