Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was for sure a fun and enjoyable one! We began by starting the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast of oatmeal and cantaloupe. As soon as the last of the dishes were cleaned and put away, the Aeolus crew were ready for departure. Since I was the assigned skipper I was responsible for the safety and management of the crew along with briefing the crew on the days’ activities. Once that was done I was responsible for taking the helm and starting us out of Peter Island. As we got closer to the other AQ boats we could already make out familiar faces greeting, smiling and welcoming us upon arrival to the destination. About 20 minutes later we were all on dinghies being whisked away to what is known as The Rhone, which is a sunken vessel that SCUBA divers are known to explore/dive. Getting into the water was the hardest part given that the current was extremely strong. It was as if you were struggling with all of your might against a force/power you can never win against. While the Rhone dive was wrapping up, a new activity, which was more tedious, demanding and somewhat cool and beautiful was starting up. It was a hike on Salt Island. Now, this activity totally did me in. First of all, the hike looked simple to the eye but deceiving to the mind as it turned out to be higher then I expected and a lot more walking. But overall each part of the day brought a different perspective on things and how to look at it. date: Aug 12, 2017