Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up to some delicious pancakes with a gorgeous view, how much better could it get! During breakfast, it really set in how soon we would be leaving. But we had no time to be sad! We started to motor over to Road Town at 9:30. Once we reached our destination we all ran to the grocery store. Some of us were going through severe Oreo withdrawal. We also got some yummy food at the marina restaurant, where we got to chat with other boats. Our shore time soon came to an end and we were off to Norman Island. We set the mainsail and headed out. Most of the ride consisted of an intense battle over which staff member made the best brownies. It was never truly settled until Kavya made the best cornbread in the world. It became obvious who the superior baker was. So I end this blog in front of the sunset feeling a little bit salty (figuratively and literally) that we have to leave in two days. date: Aug 13, 2017