Location: Marina Cay

We all woke up to the cheerful morning CD after a long night of having to sleep inside because of the rain. A delicious pancake breakfast was made by our chefs, and we set off to Ginger Island. After a steady upwind sail, we reached Ginger Island and got to dive at “Alice in Wonderland.” During the dive, many people saw barracuda as well as a reef shark! The dive site was very pretty as it was situated beside a cliff causing interesting land formations. After the usual struggle of putting our heavy tanks away, we motored to Marina Cay eating lunch along the way. Once we arrived, we filled up on water and then motored a short 10 minutes to Trellis Bay. We all squeezed into the dinghy to get to shore. We enjoyed walking around, visiting shops and getting snacks. Once it was time to leave we all got back into the dinghy and headed back to Marina Cay to anchor for the night. Just as we arrived, we spotted dolphins swimming beside our boat. We anchored and realized the dolphins were still there. Many of us jumped in the water and got to see them only 3 feet away. We even saw a baby dolphin, and its mom swim past. We finished the day with dinner and listening to the Jim Thuman tape. Overall it was a great day.