Location: GHP (Great Harbour Peter)

Any day on Action Quest is always a quest packed with action. For 17 days in on the Odyssea and although I am the new shipmate, it will never cease to amaze me how 13 wildly different teenagers have joined together on this one boat. Every individual here brings his or her spark of life to the boat that makes this adventure so incredible. Today was defiantly a more wild ride than most days. I woke up today to the sunrise and the wind just like every day. At 7:45 after breakfast we sailed to port to use our phones, spend some money, eat a sandwich, and walk off sea legs for an hour and a half. After getting back on the boat, we decided to take the fenders and have a dual match on the trampoline while standing on a windsurfing board. The first person knocked off loses. Sky and Martin are really into it and sky took the win for that matchup. Matt wanted to see Marissa, and I face off. The round ended pretty quickly when Marissa’s glasses fell off. We had the craziest sail to GHP for two hours. The winds were ripping, and we all lined up on the front of the tramp getting nailed by the waves. Being the skipper, it was hilarious watching everyone gets soaked by the waves. We split up into dolphins and Neptunes, and the dolphins did their research dive while the Neptunes dove a wreck. We ended the day with a Mexican feast in the pouring rain.