Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

As an annual pilgrimage, the ActionQuesters diverge on a long trek to the highest point in the Virgin Islands, Mt. Sage. The venture began on the dock in Cane Garden Bay and ended in old Cane Garden Bay after trekking down the lofty path. Once on the dock at promptly 7 am, the Changlings prepared ourselves for the steep journey with a stretching session led by Raul. We were striving more for theatricality than efficiency to assert our fleetwide superiority and overall boat unity. After the stretching session the most intense stretch of the hike was to be conquered; an unconventional hike, the journey to Mt. Sage consists of a very steep and lofty trek up the main road in Tortola- which essentially connects Cane Garden Bay, Road Town, and the other large cities on the island. While the hike is usually serenaded by the cars and shouts of the locals just trying to make their daily commutes after all road rage is an international epidemic. Today was, fortunately, a holiday, so the road was nearly empty. At the bottom of the hill, in Old Cane Garden, I took some other Changlings to Myett’s, the best eatin’ in Old Cane Garden, where Raul had Quesadillas, a breakfast burrito, and pancakes for dessert. The rest of us did not eat; we just sat there in awe and vicariously filled our stomachs as he devoured the epic meal. Just kidding, we ate, but Raul seriously devoured the aforementioned three-course meal. Once back on the boat, we prepared for Sandy Cay and the annual sand castle competition. Unfortunately, our snowman fell apart at the midriff, so we spent the majority of our time hurling sand balls at each other and pulling off Dirty Dancing style lifts in the water. And so, friends and family, I leave you to wonder what may or may not happen tonight at Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ/reggae party.