Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

For nearly two weeks, I have been waiting for today. Early on in the trip, our mainsail was broken, and it wasn’t until yesterday that it was finally repaired. After a great breakfast of french toast, I made the coffee, and we pulled off the dock. After a quick cleanup, we prepped the deck for a lengthy sail. After getting the sails up, we headed out into the channel for the moment I had been waiting for. For nearly two weeks, the uninterrupted sound of the ocean had escaped us, but we finally turned the engine off, and everybody cheered as we heard nothing but the sound of the waves. After that, we headed off to Sandy Spit to finish up some dive skills. After that, those of us who were finished got the afternoon free and headed to the beach. After that, we prepared our dinner of franks and beans and settled in for the night. As the days keep counting down, all of us are going crazy that the trip is coming to a close.