Location: Cairns

For our last day in beautiful Australia we wanted to take advantage of all the time we had, so we woke up and had breakfast at the shocking time of 5:45! After a quick breakfast, we were picked up at our motel to go to the Tully River for a fun day of white water rafting! The rapids were graded as a level 4.3 out of a possible 6! Jenna thought she could handle the rapids without the use of a raft and was the only one to attempt going down the whole river with just a life jacket! Of course, Jenna made it! (FYI, “Jenna” is an inside joke).

Meanwhile, in the girl’s group, we were having a fun time going down the rapids until one of us fell in (which is pretty normal and I highlight for most customers)! We went down a part of the river that was named “the ninja shoot” which is when Holly went flying out of the raft and ended up under the raft before being brought to safety by a miraculous rope that seemed to have fallen from heaven! Holly was fine, and she took it like a champ! Soon after we had a barbeque lunch and continued on the river. Along the way, we stopped at certain spots to play games, jump off rocks, and “surf” – which is when the raft keeps filling with water then draining out while we went in circles. In the other raft were Dan, Griffin, Chris, and Carly – every single one of them fell out of the raft at a certain point! When we finally reached the end of the river we were starting to realize our time together was also coming to an end, but we still had the night to look forward to! When we returned to our motel, we all took very fast showers and got dressed up for our last dinner together at a Thai restaurant. We went around the table, and each shared our favorite memory from this trip, and it was pretty clear that we all agreed that the trip would not have been the same if it wasn’t for the amazing people we got to share it with! After dinner we headed back to our motel to eat tons of candy and stay up all night spending our last few hours together before we have to leave the motel at 3:30 am to catch our flight home! Lastly, you’ll find attached to this blog a “goodbye/hello” picture from all of our crew. It’s each of us saying “goodbye” to Australia and all the wonderful people we’ve met along the way, and “hello” to the friends and family that we’ll soon see and who have made this trip possible.