Location: Rachael W.

This morning we woke up to some scrambled eggs. Right after we went EXTREME KNEEBOARDING! There were some pretty epic wipe outs, I was one of them. Shortly after, the Neptunes and Dolphins split. The Neptunes went on fun dives (Emelia and I had an underwater dance party on the Sand Highway). The Dolphins did a research dive. Before any of us could blink, we were at Monkey Point where we went turtle tagging. We hopped in a dinghy and chased down turtles. Our fearless skipper Kris free dove down and wrestled a green sea turtle with his bare hands. We were all exhausted after the chase. The whole shebang was super exciting. Once we got back to the boat the Grand Cru-bees joined us to compare captured turtles. Gary, the turtle we caught, was chillin like a villan while Liquid Justice, Grand Cru’s turtle, thrashed like a mad man. We learned how to properly measure and document the turtles and then we released them back into the wild. Now we are underway back to Muskmelon Bay where we’ll have a Lifeworks Forum tonight.