Location: Great Dog

After a week of having our days filled with numerous activities, the crew here at Odyssea finally caught a break. Our morning started as usual, waking up a little before 8 o’clock and then breakfast. The morning had something special though- our laundry was picked up. After these activities we got to pick what we wanted to do next: hang out at the beach, go extreme kneeboarding or chill on the boat. With a couple of shipmates on the dinghy going off to do some extreme kneeboarding the rest of us stayed behind on the boat to relax. The kneeboarding experience was successful since after many tries and some falls, everyone managed to “kneel” at least once. With the relaxing and skiing times over we sailed to our current location, the Chimneys, where we had already been and done some diving but what awaits is a whole new experience because we’re night diving!