Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a nice day, with nice weather. We woke up, ate oatmeal, got dressed, and were on our way to rotations. Today’s option: windsurfing. Now personally, I think that windsurfing is difficult, but some people make it look sooo easy. It took me forever to get up, and then when I did, start moving. I fell and stopped my attempt shortly afterwards. We also found a baby starfish, and named him Steve! But we put him back. Then we had lunch, which was sandwiches. Our boat witnessed Santiago eat his first PB+J. They were good sandwiches. After our lovely meal we went (four people to a boat) to wakeboard, waterski, or kneeboard. I had tried to wakeboard on our first rotation, but I never actually got up. I did get up this time, except awkwardly fell after about three seconds. The only person in our dinghy who actually got up and stayed up was Cleo. It was very impressive. We then proceeded to go snorkeling, where we saw multiple fish, a couple of lobters, and a stingray. Now we are getting ready for our beach BBQ and dance. I thought it was a great day!