Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we stayed at Vixen Point all day, we did not travel anywhere. We woke up in the morning to an oatmeal breakfast which was great. Our boat then split up into separate programs. Some people played games on the beach, others took the dive test, and other got closer to getting CPR certified. I was part of the last group. Next we split up into two groups and each group took out a 19 foot Hunter sailboat. In the Hunters we worked on our sailing skills and then raced the other boat. My boat lost because the other boat didn’t follow the right of way rules. Next our crew went to the beach to hang out and sail Pico sailboats. The Picos were a lot of fun even though there were a few collisions. There was a good amount of wind for the Picos. After that we went to the beach for some team building activities. All of the activities were great, but the best one by far was a big trust fall that involved falling backwards from a height into everyone’s arms. It was scary yet awesome. Later we are going to the beach BBQ and dance which should be lots of fun.