Location: West End, Tortola

Today, after breakfast, I got on a dinghy and was driven to another boat for the skipper’s meeting. At the meeting, we went over the details of the upcoming race. Me being the best skipper there, I declared that my boat and crew was the best in all of ActionQuest and that we would destroy anyone or anything in our way of eternal glory. When I returned to the boat, I spurred my tired and slightly aggravated (in a teenage way) crew into action. After raising anchor and leaving the bay, the race began with me at the helm. Epicness was ripe in the air that day, and as the race started the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music came on. To add to the excitement, the wind decided to die down right as the race started. Although there was no wind, the race was fun and exciting, but unfortunately called off in the middle of the race. We are now motoring back to West End, where we started our epic ActionQuest journey. As I write this the crew is in a flurry trying to clean up the boat, ravaged by the teenage menace. Tonight we can look forward to the BBQ!! Greasy, fattening food, yum!! All good things come to an end, and thus so must ActionQuest. It has given me good memories, and some less good ones too, yet memories all the same that I will always keep close to heart. I don’t know how I will ever repay the staff and shipmates on my boat who have helped create these priceless memories. I will always remember Jake’s sunglasses, Charlie’s manly sharpie beard, Cesar falling in the water with his pajamas on, and many other fun experiences. A pack of shy teenagers has become an epic wolf pack sailing the high seas. A good story with a good ending.