Location: Great Dog

Today weather conditions were good with sunny skies and no rain. Work started later than usual at 7:43 am after a hard night of partying. Everyone was rushing to get done with early chores, nearly 8 hours of resting time. Luckily sea conditions were smooth allowing most of the crew to sleep and laze around. In my perspective I think all of this is a reward for completing all dives and certification besides night dives. In addition to the “lazing around reward” we were given the opportunity of wakeboarding and water skiing. For people who came last year these water sports were “pieces of cakes.” However, for the new comers including me we could use a little improvement….sigh. At around 2 to 2:30 pm the Aftica III finally pulled up anchor and continued our voyage. Our crew gathered in the cockpit for some snacks and chatting away. This went on for about 2 hours when we finally arrived at the Chimneys. This is the dive site where the crew got their naturalist specialty. The next two hours seemed like a blur and I did not know anything that was going on because half of the crew and I took a nap. Dinner was served around 6:45 pm and on the menu was chicken salad and risotto and croutons made by Becca, the ship’s EMT. Dinner was fabulous, the question of the day was “What was the most awkward moment of your life?” The answers from each person were amazing. After all our food was digested we prepped scuba gear for our second night dive. Dives started at 7:45 pm, max time being 35 minutes and max depth being 45 feet. Overall, today was just a day to chill and relax. Tomorrow we will be looking forward to more diving. We’ll see you all in 9 days!