Location: Marina Cay

On our ninth day at sea we woke up and immediately were on our way to a dive site called the Dogs. We all got geared up and dove in beautiful clear waters where there were pufferfish, shrimp, and many more colorful things to look at. In the meantime the two Questers went snorkeling. After lunch everyone went on a sailing adventure in preparation of our final sailing test that will happen at the end of our trip. Our practice started out as a game of wrap the flag, winners get a candy bar from Bobby. After sailing for a bit through the calm waters, while looking at the blue skies, we reached our destination for the night: Marina Cay. We filled up the water tanks, bought food in the local store, showered, ate, and made our way over to a Lifeworks forum that many of us will never forget. It was eye-opening, emotional, and gave (hopefully) everyone a new perspective on the little things in life. On the bright side, we are all excited for tomorrow’s adventures and hope to have even more experiences we will never forget.