Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The morning started off a bit startling. We scrambled about in an unexpected rescue scenario run by the Divemasters on Tropical Oasis. We rescued several unresponsive divers and comforted other “victims”. Once the scenario ended, we said goodbye to the divemasters in training and set sail for Cooper Island. We spent time tanning and studying for the upcoming test tonight. We had an amazing dive on the Blue Chormis reef and saw a big lobster. After surfacing, we had yet another rescue scenario where it took a team effort to rescue Gen, Megan, and Ben. We took some downtime for lunch and hung out. Then, we motored back to GHP and jammed to some toons from Shrek. Once we arrived, we splashed around and enjoyed each others company. Surprisingly, we had yet another scenario where Ben and Evan “fell in”. As you can tell, we have had a very busy but rescue heavy day. At last, we had some downtime to study, swim, chat and prepare dinner. Some of us even got to ski. I got a fun joy ride from Sydnei. We came back, showered off, and enjoyed a delicious meal. We are now squeezing and then talking our final exams. Wish us luck!